Discover focus and balance with Lifeline, a macOS timer app inspired by the Pomodoro Technique.

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🌴 Lifeline, what and why?

What is Lifeline?

What is The Pomodoro Technique?

Why should I set a timer when I'm working? ⏳️

Can you list all the advantages of the Pomodoro Technique? πŸ…

Why is multitasking bad? I'm really good at it

How is Lifeline different from other Pomodoro timers? πŸ…

❓️ FAQs

Lifeline subscriptions

Do you have a mobile app? πŸ“±

Is there a Windows version of Lifeline?

Can I change the length of my sessions?

Can I take a break at my screen?

I always forget to launch sessions; anything I can do about this?

More FAQs

πŸ‘Ό The Basics

πŸ“ Start here

Getting started

Product tour

Your Lifeline and its colors




Customize Lifeline in Preferences

Software updates

πŸ€– Automation

Launch Lifeline on startup

Auto-launch sessions

Automatic breaks

Automatically starting meetings

Pre-filled session labels from Calendar

Connecting other apps and services

πŸ“ˆTracking & analysis

History view

Points and rewards ⭐️

Session labels 🏷️

Meetings πŸ“…

CSV export πŸ“‚

Calendar exports

πŸ“… Planning (Calendar)

Why connect Calendar and Lifeline?

How to connect Calendar and Lifeline?

Calendar exports

Making the most of your Calendar connection

Support for Google and other calendars

πŸ” Security & Privacy

What kind of data does Lifeline capture?

Data hosting, security, and GDPR

Backing up your data

Overview of third party plugins and services

πŸ˜‡ About Saent

Contact details

Other products

All Saents (team)

⛑️ Troubleshooting

Remove and add back Lifeline in System Preferences

I can't connect or select my calendars πŸ“…

Exporting debug data for bug reports and support inquiries

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